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Aviva Protection: Create your own campaign!

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We’ve teamed up with the BIS Platform (formerly Omnibroker) to bring you an easy to use campaign at the touch of a button. This new campaign gives you a great opportunity to promote Protection and Specified Illness Cover to your customers.

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Insurance Distribution Directive Regulations

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Insurance Distribution Directive

The IDD Regulations will come into operation with effect from 1 October 2018.

The Insurance Product Information Document (“IPID”)

The IDD requires Distributors to provide certain pre-contractual information to the customer.  Some of this information must be provided by way of a standardised insurance product information document (“IPID”), as part of the distribution of non-life insurance products. The IPID will not replace the contractual documentation that is provided with an insurance policy. The objective of the IPID is to provide relevant information about the product to allow the customer to make an informed decision when comparing products across the market.

The IPID itself is a two-page pre-contractual document that must be provided to the consumer or potential consumer at various stages of the sales process.

Aviva process

The IPIDs will be available for you to order through the normal ordering process from our supplier RR Donnelley, email Magdalena Figiel on

The regulations require the broker to enclose the correct IPID with the customer documentation pack that is issued during the following stages:

  • Quotation – when you provide a quote to a customer you must provide an IPID in the quote pack
  • New Business – when a new policy goes on cover, you are required to include the relevant IPID with the new business policy documents
  • Renewal Invitation – As part of the renewal invitation (Renewal Notice) documentation that is issued prior to renewal the relevant IPID must be enclosed

In addition, they are available here

Commercial Line IPIDs are under development and are scheduled to be available here in advance of the October 1st Deadline.

Aviva launches new investment calculators to support your business

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Our four new investment calculators are designed to show how putting money into an investment product, such as Regular Saver or Investment Bond from Aviva, could help your clients to achieve their financial goals.

Aviva launches new corporate savings and investment broker campaign

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Change to our ‘Smoker’ definition for Protection customers

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We’ve made a change to how we define smokers under Aviva Protection. Those who have used nicotine replacement products and/or E-cigarettes in the last 12 months will now be charged smoker rates.

Pipeline cases and quotations produced by brokers or by Aviva up to and including 26th July will not be affected by this change. We have updated our Protection application forms to reflect this change.

MAFs are 7 livestream event – Playback

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Click here to watch the play back to our MAFs are 7 livestream event.

Reduced Sum Assured on Specified Illness Cover

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We’ve reduced the minimum Sum Assured on our Specified Illness Cover to just €10,000 – this, along with the recent reduction of the premium to €15 monthly makes our Specified Illness cover even more accessible to your clients.

Aviva Family Finances: Research shows overwhelming support for pensions auto-enrollment scheme

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Our latest Family Finances report focusses on home ownership and the government’s proposal for pensions auto-enrollment.

Read the press release here.

Read our full Family Finances July 2018 report here.

Protection Livestream – replay

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Thanks to all of you who watched our Protection Livestream Event yesterday, which was broadcast live from Aviva Stadium. Over 500 financial brokers took part in the event, and we were delighted with your positive response. We’re looking forward to the next event, but in the meantime, in case you missed it, you can watch playback to our Protection Livestream here.

Please note CPD is not available for those watching the content on playback.